Last month, I tested one of the best AI-powered mobile phones for 2018, I was amazed at Zenfone 5 features that make my imagination brings to life.

I had a three days stay in Singapore. monitoring social media channels at my fingertips is not an easy task while on work and vacation. Good thing, Zenfone 5 became handy in all the stuff I did in Lahlahland. Being a blogger for 7 years, I seldom doing photography during the first 5 years in my craft.

It’s a challenging 2018 for me when I took photos for some of the gigs by The Itchyworms during my stint as their social media manager for nine months. When I found out how sleek Zenfone 5 in terms of mobile photography, I took some photos during their SG show.

Here’s why Zenfone 5 stand out among other AI-powered mobile phones

  1.  Twin Apps

If you have a lot of social media accounts and messaging apps, here’s one of the great features that you can use.  To activate Twin Apps, go to Settings > Advanced>Twin Apps.



You can use these apps at the same time using Twin Apps.


2. Page Marker

Imagine if you’re stuck in hellish Manila traffic. Page Marker saves you from boredom. You can read articles offline using this app.  You can sync all your favorite content on Google Drive.  Share an article using your Gmail account in just one tap and also to Facebook, Twitter, and other messaging apps.

If you want to highlight what you miss out to the article, it will allow you to mark words, phrases or sentences. You can do auto-tag articles with related keywords so you can easily search for it.


3. ZenUI Safeguard

In case of emergency, you can use the ZenUI Safeguard.  Just slide the SOS and Report Location button to activate the feature.

4. ZeniMoji

Animate yourself like Zenny with ZeniMoji. You can animate cute avatars using your own voice, facial expressions, and head movements. You can also use it in video and text chats or live-streaming,


5. AudioWizard

Love to listen to a wide array of music genre? The new AudioWizard puts you in complete control of your audio experience like a sound engineer. It has built-in profiles for different music types including vocals, classical, pop, rock and jazz which provide optimal sound quality, You can do a custom Listening Profile mode. It calibrates the audio settings to your own ears. Put your ZenEar Pro buds while at work and enjoy Hi-Res Audio in a blast.


6. Google Lens

If you love to explore or have a hard time looking for clothes that you saw in a mall, tap Google Lens app in Zenfone camera. Whether you need to translate Arabic words, add events into your calendar, get directions or identify what kind of plants, no need to google in the search bar, Google Lens will do the job.


You can check some of the photos that I took in Singapore using Zenfone 5.


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