Selecting hardware, software as well as payment processor for your spa or salon could be a complex procedure. This is why an all-in-one Clover pos system could appear as a simple, convenient and easy option. But surely you need to be cautious when choose the clover system for your business. One needs to keep in mind the clover hardware, payment processing fees, use of right clover system when choose a clover system. So, if you want your salon and spa business to flourish, then you need to a reliable processing system for you.

Here are some of the tips which you need keep in mind when looking for a clover system:


  1. See whether you really need an all-in-one system


Well, you can also go for Booker clover, the all-in-one system, but do you really need it?? Unfortunately, the all-in-one system which offers hardware, payment processing and POS software are a bit expensive. These companies demand such price because of the convenience they offer to small businesses. However, if you do not need such a system right now, then you can choose your own system. This way you have more control over how to run your business effectively, how much to pay for the processing and subscription fee.


  1. Begin with Clover POS System software


Being by searching an industry specific POS software. The beauty niche has a lot of specialised point of sale software solutions made specially to cater to the needs of spas and salons. These systems are far better options in comparison to the generic solutions as they affect your daily operations.


Along with being industry specific, your Clover POS system should also have specs you need to run a good salon business. Though having your own hardware, software and payment processing option is inexpensive in comparison to all-in-one system, but going for all-in-one Booker Clover system does has its own benefits. It includes appointment book, inventory tracking, employee tracking, client files and marketing options which work together with other functions.


  1. Research well about payment processing options


Selecting your point of sale software solution necessitates the selection of your payment processor. Your software company should render some processors which work with your software through a payment gateway or directly. It will lower down the number of processors, you need to research.


When looking for processor, do not just go for the first processor which integrates with your selected software. This mistake will cost you much more than a full-fledged clover system. In place of this, shop around and get price quotes from a number of processors and negotiate for the fees. Also ensure that the payment processor gives you a clean pricing model which doesn’t has any hidden additional fees.


Though all this research is complex and tedious, this is why a lot of spa and salon owners go for a Clover system which has the right combination of hardware, processor and software and helps in saving thousands of dollars every year for the company. So, rather than researching choose a reliable clover system for your salon.



By eccentricyethappy

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