Twitter has enabled Filipinos to know what’s happening right now and to spark meaningful conversations. In fact, most of the trending topics nowadays are heard first on Twitter. It allows people to discover their interests, as well as find new ones just by exchanging ideas with others, one Tweet at a time.

From discovering personal interests, sharing opinions, finding the latest news updates in sports or entertainment, and everything in between – conversations on Twitter plays a big part in shaping 2019. The topics on the platforms are so diverse that the top Tweets, most-discussed hashtags and accounts this year will surely give you a myriad of reactions and will hopefully inspire you to be a part of the real-life conversations on Twitter.


Most Tweeted about hashtags in the Philippines

The top hashtags that trended on Twitter revolved on one thing: entertainment. The show business took much of the conversations of Filipinos, proving that they’re avid fans of anything related to it – celebrities, television dramas, films and movies.

Rising from fifth place last year, #MaineMendoza is the most Tweeted hashtag in Philippines this year. The phenomenal star continues to shine as her 2019 was loaded movie launches, drama performances, and brand endorsements. Her fans have been consistently very much active in expressing their fondness to Maine (@mainedcm).

Filipinos were also quite interested in music as #DyisIsItManila trends in number two. It is a radio program that features the top 10 songs of the day. Listeners could express their love for their favorite songs using this hashtag.

When we talk about entertainment, love teams should never be missed. Clinching the top three spot is #MayWard. Fans were very active in expressing their support for Maymay Entrata (@maymayentrata07) and Edward Barber’s (@Barber_Edward_) countless projects and events. 

Most Tweeted about accounts in the Philippines

Filipinos truly love their celebrities – and it shows on Twitter! The most Tweeted about accounts for 2019 were dominated by various personalities from the Philippine entertainment scene. To no surprise, Maine Mendoza (@mainedcm) clinched this year’s highest place yet again, with a new movie and lots of other solo projects up her sleeve. Maymay Entrata (@maymayentrata07) comes in second, cementing her status as one of the most beloved people on Twitter. Other notable artists on the list are Kisses Delavin (@KissesDelavin), Alden Richards (@aldenrichards02) and Edward Barber (@Barber_Edward_) among others.


The Top Tweets in the Philippines

Just like in real-life, one Tweet can change everything. On Twitter, a single Tweet can spark millions of smiles, tears, or even dose of inspiration for many people. This year, a pair of sisters took over Twitter. A Tweet became viral for its humorous appeal and it even skyrocketed the Twitter user into social media fame. Samantha Rubia’s (@sammirubia) video of her singing to woo her crush and pretending to have allergies became the most Retweeted Tweet with comment in Philippines for 2019.


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Meanwhile, her sister Brianna (@briannarubia) Tweeted a video of Samantha (@sammirubia)  as she sings her heart out to The Little Mermaid’s Part of Your World. In this clip, we see another humorous take on how their parents show their appreciation and support to their daughter – making it the most Liked and most Retweeted Tweet in Philippines in 2019.


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Most Tweeted about emojis in the Philippines

Of course, a Tweet would not be complete without inserting an emoji that best visualizes your message. Using emojis brings out a certain playfulness, makes the conversation more casual, and gives a better visual appeal to Tweets. Interestingly, it seems like the Twitterverse got tons of laugh as the laughing emoji is the Top Emoji on the platform followed by a totally opposite crying face emoji. Coming on the third spot is the emoji that most fans use to express their love for their favorites: the heart eyes emoji. These emojis are proof that conversations on Twitter are indeed diverse and that Filipinos couldn’t get enough of expressively show their emotions in a Tweet.



Can’t wait to talk about the top Tweets and most-discussed topics and accounts? Join the #ThisHappened2019 conversation on Twitter right now using any of the hashtags listed below and you’ll see a fun emoji in your Tweet. Also check out the @TwitterPH Twitter account, as well as our Twitter accounts around the world which will be sharing inspiring #ThisHappened2019 moments to showcase the power of a single Tweet to spark authentic conversations among real people worldwide. We’re celebrating these voices as their public conversations make Twitter, and the world a better place for all of us.


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