International pop music sensation Jamie Miller has announced his new EP, The Things I Left Unsaid out October 4 via BMG.

Alongside the announcement, Jamie shares his newest single and second offering from the EP, “No Matter What.” The track follows the success of “Maybe Next Time,” which has to date amassed 30M streams globally acrossplatforms with its original and alternate versions.

Notably, Jamie collaborated with Young K of South Korean rock band DAY6 and Filipino powerhouse Moira Dela Torre, who provided original verses on their featured tracks.

“I was in the darkest headspace for most of 2022, but luckily I was able to surround myself with loved ones. Their constant support and encouragement was exactly what I needed, and a reminder that I’m too good to give up,” shares Jamie on “No Matter What.” “I showed up for myself, even when I was at my lowest point, and I hope that this song can serve as a reminder that it gets easier.”



Throughout the past year, Jamie Miller has embarked on a transformative journey, grappling with the frustrations of the ever-changing music industry, enduring heartache, and confronting numerous hardships. In time, these experiences taught Jamie the importance of believing in himself and fighting for what he stands for. Coming out on the other side, he took charge, went independent, reorganized his team, moved on from various relationships, and embraced a new and more confident version of himself. Finding solace in music, Jamie channeled the emotions, pain, and lessons learned into his next batch of songs ultimately culminating in his latest EP, The Things I Left Unsaid.

Jamie Miller’s THE THINGS I LEFT UNSAID will be released on

On the six-song EP, Jamie fearlessly invites listeners to experience his most authentic music to date. “This is an introduction to the real me,” he affirms.

“I’m not just a major label pop star. I’m letting people into my life, beingvulnerable, and getting into my truth. Some of the songs are uncomfortable for me. I’d ask, ‘Am I being too open here?’ That’s how I knew I needed to keep going. I want everyone to hear the art and the struggle. It’s not picture perfect, but it is honest.”

As the EP unfolds, listeners join Jamie on a cathartic, empowering, and captivating journey. Jamie hopes the journey can serve as a poignant reminder that there is light at the end of every tunnel.



  1. Intro
  2. No Matter What
  3. Empty Room
  4. Rooting for You
  5. Maybe Next Time
  6. Only Place


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