Of Sarah Pope, Plagiarism and Tirade Against Bloggers

Recently, when the news broke out regarding Senator Tito Sotto’s speech on RH Bill been copied from Sarah Pope’s blog entry “How ‘The Pill’ Can Harm Your Future Child Health“.

Sarah Pope
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As Sen. Sotto said in an interview with ANC Headstart’s Karen Davila yesterday:

Sen. Tito Sotto

“Bakit ko pa i-quote ang blogger? Blogger lang yon.”

As a full time blogger, I can say that it is unjust for us to be irked by the honorable lawmaker. In one of my blog post about Plagiarism, as I quoted: Plagiarizing someone’s blog post is a NO-NO in the world of blogosphere”. I was a victim of plagiarism last December 2011, as I discovered my blog post was copied by a fellow blogger and posted it on one of the Facebook group page which I am a member. I was hurt by the rude action of the guy who didn’t acknowledge me as his source and yet he copied every word of my blog post.

On Sarah Pope

As I read her blogpost, “On Plagiarism, The Pill and Presumptuousness”, she was disappointed on what Senator Sotto did to her article. But the lawmaker denied copying Sarah’s article, and his staff, Atty. Hector Villacorta confessed that they plagiarized Pope’s blog entry. I feel for Sarah. She deserved to be recognize as the source of Sotto’s speech.

On Plagiarism

For those who want to know what is plagiarism, according to Wikipedia: “Plagiarism means  “wrongful appropriation”, “close imitation” or “purloining and publication” of another author‘s “language, thoughts, ideas, or expressions” and the representation of them as one’s own original work, but the notion remains problematic with nebulous boundaries.

But in this case, Atty. Hector Villacorta, Sotto’s Chief of Staff said in an interview with GMA News Online today:

“You have a blog, it is meant to be shared, it’s in the public domain, so it’s not plagiarism

They plagiarized Pope’s article. If they want to copy the article, they can rewrite it. Denying such action is so lame.  

Our blog is meant to be read, not just to be shared. Our blogs is public, but bloggers should be acknowledge or credited as their source. If someone want to have a copy of a certain blog post, ask permission first. Wala naman masama kung hindi ka humingi ng permiso. 

On Tirade Against Bloggers

It’s unfair for those bloggers who want to blog in their free time and also for full time bloggers who are writing articles as their bread and butter.

We love to write and sharing our experiences by posting it on our respective blogs. 

 “Blogger lang yon”— hearing this phrase….they’re underestimating our abilities. Wala na ba kaming karapatan na magblog?

by Eccentric Yet Happy
  • TechKid

    He should make a public apology for all the lies and wrong words or else he should resign.

  • t.Tito Sotto’s camp is still firm on their denial that they did not plagiarized. Anyway ,politicians are known liars and thieves, so they will not admit it.

  • He is just making a lame excuse just to justify his action what a shame, hope he withdraws political career and just concentrate on showbiz

  • Yes, it is plagiarism in its most blatant form. Their ignorance is simply unacceptable. I have no kind words for Sen. Sotto.

  • I hope Tito Sotto does not win in the next election and I feel he won’t. You are right are post are meant to be shared but we also need to be acknowledged.

  • I’ve read Sarah Pope’s post myself, and I even took time to browse through the comments. It was unbelievable that instead of issuing a sincere apology, Atty. Villacorta (if indeed that was him) had to, in so many words, declare that lifting Pope’s contents without proper acknowledgment a non-issue.

    And on the “blogger lang ‘yon” issue, that was below the belt. Okay, so we’re just bloggers, but whether Sen. Sotto knows it or not, bloggers when united can elicit social change.

  • I can show you that Sarah Pope is first of all a plagiarist; visit my blog at http://creattitudesonline.blogspot.com/