Wish List for my 31st Birthday: # 7 – A Well Deserve Vacation

     It’s been a long time that I had a vacation. The last time was when me, Dad and my other siblings went to Baguio few years ago. And after a few days, we went to Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte to spend time underwater and get some tan.

    I’ve been busy for all these time. Managing my Mom’s little business ( a tough responsibility that I had for 3 years.), and doing some stuffs online. That’s why I don’t have a nightlife.

                         All I want is a splendid vacation…ALONE! :)

   And it’s been a decade when I last visit Nasugbu. My cousins and I always went to this fabulous place. I just want to relax, away from my stressful and busy life here in Manila.

Nasugbu (Photo: Google Images)

Breaktaking view of Nasugbu
A landmark in Nasugbu
     One of these days, I’ll pack some dress and take a trip to have some time for myself. I really need a well-deserve rest…a vacation that will change my life.

by Eccentric Yet Happy

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