Wish List for my 31st Birthday: # 2 – Doing Charity Works

      Helping other people is a blessing. You’ve giving back to them all the wonderful things happened to you by sharing your love and make them happy…just for one day…few hours of entertaining them and make their dream come true.

      When I was a kid, my Dad used to bring me to some charity events that their civic group doing every year. Giving the less-fortunate some clothes, food to eat, and make them happy for 3 hours. I was touched by those people who received donations and showing off their clothes to their friends.

      Few years back, my friend, Michelle asked me to join her in building houses for Habitat for Humanity. And at that time, I was busy doing my own stuff. Though I wanted to participate but I’m worried about my asthma, it might trigger while painting the houses.

     This coming December, my blogger friend, Stef and I will be organizing a charity event for 50 cancer patients for an early Christmas gift to them. When I found out  from our group page in Facebook, I instantly volunteer and search for someone who can help us for the said event.

     We’re hoping that it will push through. I just want to make it really special and it’s my way of paying it forward to those people who need our love and care. I just want to see them smile and make it a special day for them.

~For those who want to be a volunteer or share your blessing by donating in kind or money, leave some messages on my Facebook page or leave some messages here in my comment box, if you wanted to help them.This is for the benefit for 50 cancer patients this coming holiday season.
  The event will be held on December 3, and we’re still finalizing the venue. I’ll post the details a week before the said charity event.

by Eccentric Yet Happy

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