April 16, 2024

14 thoughts on “The Wonders of IVI Powdered Collagen Drink

  1. I am bit wary in trying stuff like this. I guess I have to follow you more to see the results. Btw, are there supposed to be images in the post? I can’t seem to find them but there are html code showing up..

  2. Actually, I really didn’t noticed that it’s Gretchen Barretto endorsing a new line of skin product. What do you think about the billboard itself? Does it catch some attention or not? Leave your reaction to this topic. Thank you for those who commented on this blogpost. :)

  3. Though I must admit, Gretchen looks great! Pero does she really take it.. drink it? kasi, I think the good looks/skin comes from her genes.. with the aid of the skin therapies sa mga skin care centers. hihi..

    oh never mind me..

  4. The billboard was brilliant, I think. I loved the concept of it. Definitely drove the point in a creative manner. But… having said that, it didn’t make me want to try the product. :)

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