Being Fierce | My Review on High Heeled Traders

Several years ago, I was curious on how to deal in trading our stocks in a company. During that time, we’re planning to sell our stocks to a broker.

Fond of reading business sections of broadsheet every now and then. I wonder how it works…analyzing the trade and monitoring the shares.

Recently, my blogger friend Charmel delos Santos-Marcial gave me a copy of her ebook entitled “High Heeled Traders”. 

I’ve been curious on how the stock market runs in a day. In this wonderful ebook, I’d learned to be fierce in deciding whether to buy some shares in a company or not. Taking risk of my shares is one of the greatest challenge in entering the business world.

Check out her blog: High Heeled Traders. You’ll surely learn a lot about the world of trading and being fierce. :)

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by Eccentric Yet Happy

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