25th Season of "Survivor" Shot In Caramoan Island

“Survivor”,the longest-running reality competition had just finished shooting in Caramoan Island, Camarines Sur according to a report by Entertainment Weekly.

According to Entertainment Weekly’s blog, the 25th season of the hit show will be called ‘Survivor: Philippines’. Survivor host Jeff Probst confirmed its location and season title. They had just finished shooting on the island last March.

In the said interview, Probst said that the latest season will have more twists.

“First we decided on three tribes. That was the first thing. And that was just an effort to change up the way the numbers were playing. People were locking into these alliances of five. So we thought, okay, let’s try a three-tribe scenario and see what that does. Once we had the three tribes, we talked about are we going to do returnees? I love returnees,” he said.

Popular reality TV blog Rickey.org also reports that the 26th season of “Survivor” will be shot in Caramoan.

Caramoan has been a favorite site for various non-US “Survivor” franchises. The countries that have shot “Survivor” seasons in Caramoan include: Serbia, Israel, Bulgaria, Sweden, and France.

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