Medical Products | How Powerful Their Advertisements Online and Offline

While reading a blog post about “Dynamics of Medicine Promotion Online and Offline”,I learned that there’s a lot of medical supplements that are showcased their products online, how they reach their customers and how their commercial ads influenced by a lot of people.

Recently, I was alarmed when I saw Saridon’s commercial ads online. It has a violent parts of the said video clip. I want to try it out but when I watch it, I refused to continue buying the said product. 

As a netizen and a blogger, I observed that there is a lot of medical products who used social media sites like Facebook and Twitter to promote their products. And also, with their celebrity endorsers, their products catch some attention on TV, online or print ads.

Several weeks ago, I’ve tried a herbal product called Green Barley. My dad gave me a box of sachets and tried it before I hit the sack. I heard a lot of people that they were healed by this organic supplement. But in my case, it’s not. I would easily get tired and experienced wheezing that triggered asthma attack. Unlike before, I can do a lot of things everyday, and taking my precautionary medicine for asthma.

I think the advertisers must consider that there are kids who watch television or using the Internet. They can adopt it, if there is violence use in medical commercials.

Not all products are effective. There’s a lot of people imitated on how their friends take the medicines. Hearsay or not, they must consult the doctor before they can try the said medicine.

Nowadays, there’s a lot of celebrities endorsing medicine products like slimming pills, non invasive supplements, and herbal meds. We, Filipinos have this attitude that “I want to have blah-blah’s figure”. It’s risky when you try a non invasive supplement like Xenical. There’s no scientific proof that anyone can be heal by the said medicine.

Some people said that you have to buy that particular products just to prove to them that they are really effective to use without doctor’s prescriptions. I dunno why people still believed to the ads itself. I must say, you have to try it at least 7 days, and monitor it if there’s a side effect.

The best solution for this was to follow the advice of your physician. And check if you have allergies before taking such medicine.

by Eccentric Yet Happy

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