The Power of Mindset | A blogger’s perspective

I’ve been through a lot of struggles for years. And a lot of my friends asked me on how can I handle problems and stay positive in life. I told them that whenever I had encountered problems, I always see to it that I can solve it.

Being a multitasker as a blogger, researcher and Social Media specialist, I’ve encountered a lot of problems though I can easily resolve it by analyzing the problem and giving deadlines on it. 

One of the factors that empowered someone’s mindset is always think positive. If you want to achieve your dreams, focus on your job and you have to determine to finish it your responsibilities as a person. 

While reading life and wealth coach Chinkee Tan‘s website, I read the details of his upcoming event The Power of Mindset. I want to learn on how to transform attitude from negative to positive, how to control my emotions and how to empower my beliefs with a new provoking beliefs. 

If you want to change your life in more positive way, join Chinkee Tan’s The Power of Mindset. It will be held on November 14, 2012  from 10 am to 5 pm at Victory Center, 4th floor V-Mall Greenhills, San Juan.

Also joining in this spectacular event is best-selling author and motivational speaker Francis Kong, as they share the true and often neglected power of mindset.

To register, sign up for this event. For more updates, visit Chinkee Tan’s official Facebook page and follow Chinkee’s Twitter account .
by Eccentric Yet Happy

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