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I’ve been a web content writer for quite some time. Looking back…why am I still in this industry and been offered a lot of online jobs than having an eight hour clerical job? I never regret having a career online as a content writer, blogger, and an online community manager.

Have you attended webinars? I’ve attended online trainings about e-commerce, SEO and writing related topics that been helpful in my job.

There will be a series of webinar workshops this month that will help a lot of freelance professionals and small businesses learn the latest fundamental in internet marketing from leading industry experts. It will be handled by Conversologie.

Conversologie is a digital engagement consulting agency operating in France, New Zealand and South Africa.

On February 21, Conversologie, in partnership with the Freelance Writers Guild of the Philippines (FWGP), will hold quality online training on copywriting and search engine optimization through live seminars presented by experts via the internet.

Its Chief Business Conversologist, Jam Mayer knows the hurdles of freelance professionals and small business owners in terms of time and financial resources.

French-based, Hubert Cosico, the company’s Chief Engagement Conversologist, asserts that “webinars or internet seminars cut the cost of physical meetings and eliminate geographical constraints.”

He adds that “now Filipino freelance professionals and small businesses can access a wide range of quality online workshops without travel costs or logistic constraints at a very affordable price.

Cosico also said: “online media has changed how companies communicate their brand. Most small businesses struggle to establish their online presence and we at Conversologie understand this, that is why we are dedicated to helping them succeed in their online endeavors.”

Register now: Quick Start Copywriting Webinar and Blueprint Search Engine Success Writer’s Webinar and learn more techniques from the experts!

For media inquiries, email [email protected] or contact [email protected] for event information.

by Eccentric Yet Happy

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