How to be a responsible social media influencer

Are you a social media influencer?

A lot of people asked me: How to be a social media influencer? If you’re interacting in several social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter…YOU are a social media influencer. There’s a lot of ways engaging yourself in the world of social media.

I’ve been blogging for almost 3 years already, and I’ve experienced a lot… from praises and criticisms that makes me a responsible social media practitioner.

When I posted articles that touches the heart of my readers, I’ve been receiving positive feedbacks via email, Twitter and Facebook. They says that they were inspired reading my posts.

But there’s one time, I posted about issues regarding bloggers last year, some of my friends  asked me to take down the said post. I told them that I want to share my point of view regarding the issue.

Yesterday, I watched a video on YouTube about how to be a social media influencer. I believed that an aspiring social media enthusiast must have the integrity in sharing his/her thoughts. You have to be accountable in your actions. And you have to take a risk all the time.

You have the credibility in sharing your opinions. There’s a lot of blogs that I have been reading for the past few months. And oh boy, I was disgusted on the negative information that they’ve posted in their respective blog posts. You have to prove it that all the facts are true, not to tell lies about popular personalities or products.

Whenever I’m planning to blog about trending issues, I see to it that spending a lot of time making a research before posting it. It will make you a well respected source of information.

Meanwhile, in the recent issues about the upcoming May elections and catastrophic disasters, you have to consider that you are responsible enough in sharing the story. If you are blogging or tweeting, you have to spread the facts not rumors.
Be responsible in every actions you make and you have to earn respect to the community is the formula of a social media influencer.


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