Planning for a well deserve vacation

Have you traveled lately? Planning to seize the moment while taking a break from your work?


There are a lot of things that other people didn’t know about me. I love to travel and I was exposed in travel industry when I worked as a customer service representative for an international travel agency.
It’s been a while when was the last time I traveled alone. I visited a town nearby our province and it was surreal when I saw a lot of beautiful places and learned the heritage by the people there. It was one of my memorable experiences travelling without a companion.
Few days ago, while searching for a travel packages I saw a list of groupon getaway for a 3 days/2 nights Bangkok tour package on that particular travel website. It’s affordable than other promos online.
I want to spend the holiday inBangkokwhile on a brief break from my job as an online marketer and a blogger. Never been to other Asian countries except Hong Kong, visited the Chinese territory when I was 9 years old.But when I saw other tour promotional packages online, some of the prices are much higher than the one I chose.

I decided to grab that opportunity because I’ve never been to Bangkok. And also, it will serve as a reward to me because of the blessings coming along my way for this year.

I hope that I can travel a lot in the near future. I want to explore a lot of wonderful places around the world.


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