The latest beneficiary of an ongoing partnership between the National Historical Commission of the Philippines and Jardine Distribution, Inc. (JDI), is the ancestral house where the court martial of National Hero and Katipunan Founder Andres Bonifacio was held. The house, built during 1889, at Maragondon, Cavite is being preserved through the joint effort of NHCP and JDI, with the use of Solignum wood preservatives and the technical training by JDI regarding wood preservation.

A glimpse of the fence and the marker erected fro this historical landmark

A sense of history and patriotism is nurtured not only by books but also by the preservation of historical sites like ancestral houses. These ancestral houses become tangible, real places where we can all learnthe lessons of history that will guide our present and our future. This is why the NHCP is doing everything it can to keep these historical structures in good condition for future generations to visit.


“It’s very challenging to be responsible for the preservation of these ancestral houses that are more than a century old.  More than a hundred years is enough time for environmental conditions and stresses, including termites, wood-boring insects, and fungi, to do damage and weaken the wood.  JDI and Solignum will continue to partner with NHCP to ensure proper preservation of these sites. Together, we value history and heritage.” said Peachy C. Tiu, Marketing Manager of Jardine Distribution, Inc. (JDI), distributor of Solignum wood preservative.


In partnership with the NHCP, JDI has donated Solignum Soilguard soil termiticide to protect the structure from the attack of subterranean termites.  The wooden parts of the house will also be treated with Solignum wood preservative.   JDI also extended technical training and assistance to the government agency. Tiu said that JDI’s main concern was to properly equip the NHCP to fulfill its mission of preserving the country’s historical heritage.


“We’ve all been to museums and we’ve read history books and watched historical documentaries on DVD or cable TV. But there’s something very different, very real, when you visit an ancestral home. When you’re there, history comes alive. You see greater meaning and value in the lessons of the past. We at JDI feel privileged to be able to assist in the NHCP’s mission,” she said.


Solignum was introduced into the Philippine market way back in 1895, so in its own way, the product has a shared history with the nation. Today, it has become the most trusted wood preservative in the market after decades of excellent performance and reliability.

With the ongoing NHCP-JDI partnership, future generations will continue to enjoy historical sites that preserve not only the structures themselves but the stories and insights that we all need to take to heart—so we can build a stronger and better nation.

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