I’ve been an online messaging user for quite some time. Being stay connected with my friends helps me a lot whenever I’m wired at work.

In an increasingly digital world, Filipinos are always searching for new and innovative platforms that integrate and conveniently connect their lives to the digital world.

LINE Conference Tokyo 2014_opening ceremony

Bearing this in mind, LINE, the world’s leading mobile platform with 560 million users, launched a fresh roster of products and services during the LINE Tokyo Conference held yesterday at Japan’s Maihama Amphitheatre.

LINE has a growing community of over 560 million registered users and 170 million monthly active users. The next challenge for LINE is to enhance its users’ communication experience which starts with creating more vibrant features and upgraded services.

Building a lifestyle platform


Themed ‘Life,’ the conference aims to build LINE as an integral platform for daily life by bridging the gap between online and offline with new products, services, and ideas.


This year’s conference introduced LINE Pay, LINE GAME expansions, and announced new partnerships and future prospects.


With LINE Pay, users can enjoy a more affordable shared payment system that lets them link credit cards to the LINE app installed on Androids or iPhones. Payment is made by linking credit cards to the apps.  This payment system also enables users to split purchase price with their friends after transacting in associated stores and selected web services. Ultimately, this offers them twice the experience for half the price.


The service will be protected by three security measures: primary and secondary passwords, fingerprint verification (for iPhone only), and smartphone verification.


The feature is planned for a late 2014 release and payment options will be available first for LINE and related web services and apps with further expansion into offline shops planned in the future.


For Filipinos, having a payment system that helps them settle their bills in just a few clicks can make them save time.

LINE GAME, on the other hand, will be expanding with new titles—including Pop 2, Puzzle Trio, Paper Dash World, Chronicles of Albion, and Legion of Heroes.




In an effort to bring the Japanese gaming experience to players around the world, LINE is setting the groundwork for the establishment of two new companies through separate partnerships with Gree Inc. and Cyber Agent Inc.


Meanwhile, the global messaging and call app has also partnered with Translimit Inc., a well-known Japanese gaming company that has released its products in over 150 countries (including the Philippines and the United States). Translimit is most recognized as the developer of Brain Wars.


What’s next in LINE?


LINE is all about exploring possibilities that led them to create enhanced services to its users. With its continuous development in the online and offline spheres, LINE has gone beyond bringing meaningful conversations to Filipinos.


Now, LINE is exploring new possibilities in integrating taxi services (LINE TAXI), food-service companies (LINE WOW), navigation (LINE Maps for Indoor), and music (LINE Music) to its collection. They will also open opportunities for small businesses (LINE@ID), bloggers (LINE Official Blogs), and artists and celebrities (LINE Paid Official Accounts) to reach out to their audience. These services will start in Japan and will soon enter the Philippine market.


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