Many homeowners consider the rainy season to be the time of year when doing the laundry can be inconvenient. You may be able to wash your clothes, but without the heat of the sun or strong wind, you can never get them to dry well. Even if you can get them to dry indoors, they develop an unpleasant musty smell. And who wants to go out wearing smelly clothes?

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For many first-time homeowners and newlyweds, investing in a washer and a dryer is the best solution to those rainy-day laundry problems. It is a wise investment that will prove to be cost saving in the long run for clean and fresh-smelling clothes anytime you need them.

Midea, one of the largest producers of major appliances in the world, offers a fully automatic front-loading washing machine and dryer that combine the features of high-end washers and dryers at an affordable price.

An economical front-loading washer

Midea’s front-loading washer boasts special features that make it the perfect partner for condominium dwellers. It’s so efficient in its consumption of electricity and water that you only spend P2 on electrical cost for an 82 minute- wash, rinse and dry cycle and save 70% on water consumption.

The machine has 16 wash programs to optimize the wash cycle depending on the type of clothes and fabrics being washed and the wash temperature. This assures better cleaning ability and absolutely no tangled clothes. Its high-speed spinning (up to 1400rpm) provides better water extraction making the removal of stains and residue easier. It also has foam reducer technology that allows more effective rinsing.

An efficient dryer

The 6.5-kilogram clothes dryer comes with a humidity sensor to ensure more accurate drying of clothes, and a temperature sensor to adjust the heat of the dryer drum to prevent clothes from being damaged. It also has heat intensity and variable drying time selectors to enable users to customize the drying process. As a safety feature, the heat switches off 15 minutes before the end of the drying process, so that clothes can be handled comfortably during retrieval.

Midea’s dryers come with a worry-free three-year warranty on parts and labor, and a 10-year warranty on motor and drum, an assurance that you will be using this dryer for many years to come.

No matter what season it is, Midea brings efficiency and convenience to laundry days, truly making it the perfect fit for the needs of newlyweds and first-time homeowners.

Midea’s front-loading washing machine and dryer are available in six kilogram-load models. For details about Midea’s front-loading washing machine and dryer and other household appliances, visit or


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