Leading smartphone brand, Vivo, elevated the experience of guests at the grand unveiling of the Vivo V15 and the Vivo V15 Pro with highly immersive installations and activities. At the upscale event, there were also top-level stars present who heightened the excitement further.

Vivo empowers its customers to level up their passions and for brand ambassadors Julie Anne San Jose and Darren Espanto, it was all about sharing their love for music on stage. At the beginning of the event, Julie Anne amped up the energy with her performance of
“Level Up” while Darren concluded the event with a boom with his rendition of “Lift Off”

All-around performers Julie Anne San Jose and Darren Espanto, liven up the crowd with their high-energy performances at the Vivo V15 Pro Launch.


From passions for music to passions for fashion, there were also celebrities like Klea Pineda, Elisse Joson, and the Enciso sisters who were excited to up their Instagram game and snap their #OOTDs with the Vivo V15 Pro’s 48MP Triple Rear Cam.

Stunning starlets, Klea Pineda and Elisse Joson level up their looks at the Vivo V15 Launch.


Many influencers including beauty queen Aya Fernandez were also quick to share their favorite features of the Vivo V15 Pro. For vlogger and blogger Sam Paredes, she doesn’t worry about grainy selfies anymore because of the Vivo V15 series’ top-quality 32MP Elevating Front Camera.


Mutya ng Pilipinas 2018 – Tourism International, Aya Fernandez excitedly shares her favorite among all the Vivo V15’s specs – the 48MP Triple Rear Camera.


Vlogger Sam Paredes takes crystal clear selfies with the Vivo V15’s 32MP Elevating Front Camera.


Beyond the launch event, there were many other celebrities and influencers the likes of Edward Barber and McCoy de Leon who went online to trumpet their love for the Vivo V15 Series.

Heartthrobs McCoy de Leon and Edward Barber share their must-have phone to netizens – the Vivo V15.


With so many innovative features, the Vivo V15 and Vivo V15 Pro was an instant hit – some amazed by its chic and sleek appearance with its Ultra FullView Display and the In-Display Finger scanner, others impressed by V15 pro’s powerful performance because of its Qualcomm 675A core, its Fast Charging, and its AI Game Mode + Dual Engine Turbo.

With the Vivo v15 Pro’s Snapdragon 675 processor and AI Game Mode, gamers, like Art Anthony Golimlim, can enjoy their mobile games without worrying about lagging.

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