Rocker Chic Since Birth

I’ve been listening to a wide variety of genres from Pop to Reggae to Ska to Rock.

My mom told me a story about how I fell asleep listening to The Beatles and The Cars when I was a toddler. My dad is a huge Beatles fan. He collected a lot of things like Beatles LPs to expensive Beatles collectibles.

I started to listen to rock music when I was in sixth grade. Every night, I switched my walkman to NU 107 and fond of hearing songs from Nirvana to Stone Temple Pilots.

I became a full pledge rocker chic when I was in college and had my first boyfriend, Mark who also listening to grunge and heavy metal tunes.

Since then, I always watched some of our very own homegrown talents like Sponge Cola, Typecast, Chicosci, Valley of Chrome, Imbue No Kudos and other indie rock bands around. And I wear goth attire whenever I’m hanging out with my rocker friends in Malate.

I stopped going to concerts and gigs when I started to work in a company five years ago.

I will always be a rocker chic til I have my own family.

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by Eccentric Yet Happy

Christian Melanie Lee is a freelance social media manager and web developer. She also devoted her time managing her food blog, and music/concert blog. One of the Hootsuite Ambassador for the Philippines since 2014 and currently working as social media manager for the local band, The Itchyworms. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram.