Goth skirts: I love wearing it!

      I used to wear jeans and shirts, every time I go to the mall, or eating out with my friends. Feel like boyish, whenever I chose my outfit. My mom got mad at me when I even wore a cap before going to a family reunion few months ago. I told her that I’m comfortable in wearing a sneakers, black shirt and jeans to fit my needs.

      When a friend of mine, Nacho lend me her goth skirt when I need it to garb in an event few years ago…I can’t stop wearing it!

    I found out that it suits my style. I wore my Chuck Taylor with this kind of skirt. My friends used to tease me that I’m a goth girl…Quite a goth girl! I love wearing black. It makes me feel I’m free. 
   Never in my whole damn life, I wore a skirt at work. I even wore it in my sleep! :)

by Eccentric Yet Happy

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