Two years and still hoping to get back to the Sunshine industry

     It’s been two years that I don’t have a stable job. Working in a BPO company makes me profitable and the environment is quite enjoyable. And making new friends is also a plus factor when you stayed there for years. But when someone stabbed at your back, you might regret the day you’ve stayed at that company.

     Jumping to one company to another is one of the biggest heartache of my life.

     That was in 2010.

     I dunno what’s really happened on that fateful day of February 16.

     I was shocked when my foundation trainer booted us out of the training process. Maybe, one of the manager doesn’t like us either. Favoritism was all over the place. And yet, they stared at us, like they really want us kicked us out right that very moment.

     I will never forget when one of our Team Leads there shouted at me during training. I fell asleep during that morning. I apologized to her right away. But she hated me so much. Maybe, she doesn’t like me.

     Few months back, I received a message from Faith, my friend from that company. And she told me that she was told that she is eligible for reapplication.

     But why? I was expecting to be called by someone from that company during that time.

     Oh well…that’s life!

     I have to wait for an opportunity that suits me.

by Eccentric Yet Happy

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