Of YouTube and Mikey Bustos

Seven years past, YouTube was born. And a lot of Pinoy YouTube sensations became famous, like Maria Aragon, Charice, twins Justin and Jeremy Garcia, Rin and Rox, Happy Slip, Charlie Green, Darren Criss and of course, Mikey Bustos.

Few months ago, a friend of mine posted a lot of YouTube links about an awesome YouTube sensation, Mikey Bustos. I was stunned when I watched his Filipino Accent Tutorial on YouTube.

Last October 2011, while joining an online contest for Samsung Philippines‘ Facebook and Twitter contest (Eventually, I won a Samsung Galaxy Y for their Virtual Party Online contest on Twitter.), I saw Mikey again. And he’s endorsing Samsung Galaxy Tab and at the same time, there’s an online contest about it.


He was a Filipino Canadian singer, comedian, and YouTube sensation who gained a huge following because of his satirical Filipino culture and traditions tutorials. 

When I found out that he visited Manila last January, and some of my blogger friends attended a Blogger’s Night for Mikey Bustos, I want to meet him but I’m doing a lot of stuffs during that time. :(

As my blog partner Carl told me when he met Mikey personally at Party Pilipinas. “He’s cool and a great guy.”
Photo courtesy of Carl Valenzona

I was amazed on every tutorials he has on YouTube. It always completes my day!

I’m now glued over Prison Dancera 12-episode web series on YouTube. And it is about the story of six Filipino prisoners whose lives are forever changed by the dancing rehabilitation program. Filled with songs in catchy pop melodies, Featuring rising Filipino talents: YouTube/Internet sensation Mikey Bustos, Sing-Off finalist Catherine Ricafort, stage performers Jeigh Madjus, Joseph Sevillo, Nicco Lorenzo, Norman Aconcel, Pierre Angelo Bayuga, Matt Wells and Ron Josol.

by Eccentric Yet Happy

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