Recently, while reading an article about the sacrifices of several OFWs in Middle East, I remembered my uncle who’s working in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for such a long time. Few years ago, he had an accident. His employer didn’t gave him hospital expenses. He wanted to complain the incident to our consulate in Saudi Arabia.  And to be able to visit the Philippine Embassy in Riyadh, he need to travel a day before he arrive in Riyadh.

Our nation’s unsung heroes who gave up their jobs here and searching for a greener pasture overseas.

Few years ago, my brother went abroad and worked in a multinational company. Whenever we heard him complaining about discrimination towards him, we told him to transfer a job there. He insisted not to do so.

Recently, an OFW named Alfredo Salmos arrived from Jeddah. He finished his employment two years ago, he was unable to get an exit clearance from his employer. An accident preventing him to continue his part time job there.

People like Salmos and other OFWs need the help from our government.

With Blas F. Ople Policy Center and Villar Foundation, they extended their hands thru livelihood projects, and provides repatriation since 2008. Since then, they have assisted more than 10,000 OFWs cases. Using Villar Foundation’s fund, there were able to repatriate more than 200 OFWs. They helped a lot people in pursuing a better future for their families.

On OFWs Absentee Voting

Since the Overseas Absentee Voting began few years ago, there are about 589,830 registered voters in 2010 and 153,323 actually voted during the 2010 election. The COMELEC estimates there will be 686,798 voters for the upcoming 2013 election.

I think the OFWs must participate in electing new lawmakers even though they’re working abroad. They have their own rights to choose their new leaders.

With the help of social networking sites like Facebook, they can easily pick their bet for the 2013 election by visiting the candidate’s websites or Facebook page. They don’t need to go home just to do their responsibility as a voter.

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