There’s no permanent place when you’re renting a house. We’ve been moving from one house to another. Stayed at least 3-5 years in every place that we’ve been to. And it’s hard to organize and unpacking our things

With the development of mobile apps, it helps to manage your time moving a house.

Here are 10 iPhone apps that will help you and your family maximizing your ample time moving out of the house

  Real Estate by Zillow 

 Browsing through more than 100 million homes in the United States, which includes homes, condos and apartments that are for sale or for rent. It’s easy to find with this free Zillow app. This particular app is useful for those who plans long-distance moves.

It’s convenient for those who want to search it online. And you can create a shortlist of properties you’re interested in and view them all in one or two days.

  Move Planner
 –Before you transfer your things in the moving van,  you can use this $1.99 app to ensure your plans and target your moving strategy. With over 100 pre-populated task lists, this app can help you organize your task to on your moving to-do list.

 Mark on Call

Having a hard time shuffling your furniture in the house? With this $1.99 app, you can virtually re-arrange each room until you visualize it when you arranging it. It’s save time and your effort to redesign your house.

 Moving List

 This $2.99 app which you can add your own items, with 95 pre-populated lists, edit and organize your tasks by the date they need to be completed. Use Packing Decider feature which simplifies the process of relocating to another place.

 Moving Van
With the convenient of this $1.99 app where you knew exactly what’s in each box and where it should be placed.

Detail the contents with text or through pictures and you can assign names or numbers. When you relocate, use the database you created with Moving Van to determine which box is in or where to place it in your room.

 State Farm MoveTools™

 Start planning, packing and organizing your things, and take control of the moving process by using this free app from State Farm insurance agency, which keeps all the information you need.

  My Move
  If you’re planning to move with family in another state, My Move app is perfect for you. Just complete your checklists, calculate the shipping weight of items, sort it out online reviews and testimonials posted by customers of leading moving companies, request a free quote from professional movers, and search for licensed movers by state with this free but awesome app.

 Moving Day
Having an organized belongings as you transport them from one place to another, it’s a challenge for you. 

This free app is very useful such as  you can log the damages after you unpack your belongings, and you can even generate an insurance claim with damage reports, photos and value tracking options.

 Suddath’s Moving Guru

In this app, you can estimate your time to move to a new house and properly monitor your checklists. You can create a to-do timeline weeks prior to your move and follows you throughout the process. You can use this app to send a moving announcement to your relatives and friends.


 Urbanspoon is an app that you can locate restaurant in your area. It specify the cuisine, price and its specialities. It’s very useful for those who want to explore their new neighborhood.

After you transferred into your new neighborhood and ready to learn your way around the city, there’s a lot of navigation apps that can help you do just that. 

by Eccentric Yet Happy

By eccentricyethappy

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