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There’s a fund-raising app called EnviroApp. It is a digital app that educates users about on how it affects the marine life, enjoying playing the said game and also it is the first puzzle application that allows to rescue endangered species from a host of sea hazards like cyanide bottles, dynamite sticks, oil drums, PET bottles, and trawl nets. 

The said app is the initiative of World Wide Fund for Nature-Philippines to raise awareness and help fund the conservation programs available for our marine friends. And it was developed by AppLabs Digital Studios Inc.

Here’s the goal of the game: To clear the sea of these threats to save six WWF characters – Bobby the Butanding or whale shark, Clara the Clownfish, Doogie the Dugong, Gary the Grouper, Pattie the Pawikan or sea turtle and Dolly the Dolphin.

In playing this game, you have one minute to eliminate threats by tapping and swiping on three or more hazards across the screen. The more hazards eliminated, the higher the score.

Here’s are some of the characters of this educational app:

  • Chi-Chi the Panda – Cute and cuddly, Chi-Chi the Giant Panda occupies a special place for the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), symbolizing the global plight of endangered species plus the organization’s cutting-edge conservation work.
  • Gary the Grouper – With bright blue spots adorning his regal red body, Gary the Leopard Coral Grouper is a sure eye-catcher. Leopard Coral Groupers stocks are dwindling due to unsustainable fishing practices. WWF now attempts to manage the Live Reef Food Fish (LRFF) trade to ensure that Gary and his finned friends continue swimming in and around Philippine coral reefs.
  • Bobby the Butanding – Earth’s largest fish, Bobby the Butanding or Whale Shark exceeds the length of a typical passenger bus and weighs more than six adult elephants! His massive five-foot mouth helps him gulp down more than two-tonnes of plankton and krill daily. Despite his size, his teeth are only about 2mm long. Bobby the Butanding is completely harmless to humans and is one of the top species WWF conserves in Donsol and other parts of the Philippines.
  • Dolly the Dolphin – Dolly is a Spinner Dolphin, a species well-known for crazy jumps, spins and leaps. All dolphin species are protected under Philippine Law, prompting WWF to prioritize cetacean conservation.
  • Doogie the Dugong – Doogie the Dugong inhabits shallow waters of the Indo-Pacific, wherever seagrass is most abundant. Sizeable herds of Dugong – the source of popular mermaid lore – once plied the Philippine archipelago until hunting and habitat degradation reduced overall numbers. Thriving populations keep seagrass meadows cropped, healthy and productive.
  • Pattie the Pawikan – Found throughout the Philippines, the Pawikan or Green Sea Turtle is the only truly herbivorous marine turtle, feeding exclusively on higher algae and seagrass. The presence of sea turtles like Pattie preserves the sea’s natural processes: Green Sea Turtles continually browse on sea grass, which are naturally pruned to grow denser, allowing the plants to spread more rapidly amid the sea floor.
  • Clara the Clown Fish – Some 30 types of clownfish inhabit the warm waters of the Pacific and Indian Oceans. These colorful striped fish form mutually-beneficial relationships with sea anemones. Protective mucous coatings give these fish immunity against the stinging tentacles of sea anemones. And just like the famous character Nemo, Clara the Ocellated Clownfish faces the risk of capture for the aquarium trade.
You have the option to share your scores on  Facebook and Twitter accounts

According to Honey Carmona, WWF-Philippines Individual Donor Program Officer, “One of the highlights of EnviroPop is Enviropedia, an interesting repository of information that kids and grown-ups will enjoy reading.”

“The Philippines sits at the apex of the Coral Triangle, the world’s epicenter for marine life. With millions of Filipinos depending on the sea for food, livelihood and ecotourism – it’s imperative that we prioritize marine conservation,” she added..

EnviroPop has a free version here and full version is available for download on iTunes for only $0.99. The [proceeds will go to WWF-Philippines marine conservation programs. Visit EnviroPop’s website for more info about this exciting mobile game.

Save our undersea friends while enjoying this addictive puzzle game. Download now!

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