Importance of having strict Mining Law against violators

A country with good governance comes with responsible countrymen. Indeed, it is really important for a country to have strict rules and regulations for everyone to follow especially when it comes to issues regarding environment and of course, to the health and safety of the people. Aside from that, it is also important for a government to give a fair justice regardless of the status in life of a person, a company or a group. Like the mining incident in Leyte that 14 people killed and the refusal of EDC (Energy Development Corp.), an energy company, to allow the rescue workers and government agencies to help the victim and visit the accident site since Day One.

One of the issues that we are encountering these days is the problem about our environment due to illegal or even the legal mining activities that mostly companies are up to. Like what happened at Semirara Mining Corp Panian’s open pit collapsed last February, as incumbent Senator Chiz Escudero called for a probe on possible violation of environmental and safety regulations which may have resulted in the accident.

Not all of us know what really are the advantages and its disadvantages of this kind of business. Hence, a lot of people especially those in higher position in government allow such thing.

But little did they know that this kind of activity gives out more negative results rather than positive ones. And most of those who suffer are the residents (the people). Thus, our government should come up with ideas of implementing or having strict mining law which every company should follow. Plus, the government should not allow any special treatment from those who violate any of the rules implemented in a specific law.

Having such act against those who violate any rights would help individuals and so the environment to live freely as they should be. But this will start to us- the people which will also be led by our government.

by Eccentric Yet Happy

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