Places to visit in the Philippines with your family

Every country has something to be proud of. Although there are some bad issues being thrown in certain places yet there are still positive on it too,  Philippines for instance. Recently, the country had gone to issue particularly its capital city—Manila, as novelist of “Inferno”, Dan Brown called the city as “Gates of Hell”. But of course, it’s the author’s opinion. And as we all know we are free to express our opinions and views towards things and stuff alike.

Anyway, let’s go back to the topic. Just like other countries, Philippines have varieties of nicest places to visit. If going there are one your plans in the future, make sure to list down all the places you’d like to see. If you don’t have any idea what Philippines has to offer to tourists like you, then this article is probably what you need.

Since Philippines is an archipelago country, it is best to hire or at least get a tour packages for you and your family in the country without getting hassle. In other hand, if you prefer to have your stay all by yourself, it’s still possible to happen but of course it will be quite difficult especially if it will be your first time of visiting the country.

Places like Puerto Princesa, Palawan; Cebu, Bohol, Albay (Mt. Mayon Volcano), Manila, Baguio, Batad (known for Rice Terraces), Boracay (Aklan) are the common tourist spots in the Philippines as each of these places showcases natural and unique output. Also, make sure to set a long stay in visiting the place as 3 days/2 nights is not enough to see the whole beauty of the country.

And if you’ll ask when is the best time to visit the country? Anytime, will do! Just make sure to set up enough time to spend it out in there and schedule your trip in advance to avoid commotions in the future.

by Eccentric Yet Happy

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