Google unleashed its list for Year in Search 2014

Google unleashed its list for Year in Search 2014

2014 is a massive year! A lot of things happened such as MH 370 plane crash,FIFA World Cup, launch of iPhone 6, popularity of Flappy Bird, Tim How Wan craze in Manila, and a lot more.



Yesterday, Google Philippines unveiled its Year in Search 2014. The comprehensive list of the most trending searches in the country capture the interests and pressing issues that we cared about this year.

Did you know that Beyonce wasn’t on the list? Google unleashed its annual list was held yesterday, December 16 at Nest Modern Table and Bar. Distinguish guests, bloggers, members of media, and officials of Google Philippines witnessed the announcement of the said list.

Mr. Ryan Morales, Google Philippines’ Country Marketing Manager welcomed attendees for Year In Search 2014.
Mr. Kenneth Lingan, Google Philippines’ Country Manager gave his closing remarks.

According to Gail Tan, Google Philippines’ Head of Communications and Public Affairs, “Through Year in Search, we take a step back and remember the most important moments that have caught our curiosity and attention as a nation in 2014. We’ve seen an immense interest for global happenings, and at the same time, we’ve not fallen short of national concern in our country’s own affairs.”

Here are the list:

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