Why do I love to collect shirts

Why do I love to collect shirts

Some of my friends noticed that I fond of collecting shirts since I started to blog in 2011. Whether it’s a blogger statement shirt, shirt from a seminar or band merch from covering concerts, it makes me feel better seeing it on my closet.


Few days ago, I found a bunch of Team Manila shirts at ZALORA. I love their wide array of clothes for men and women. I’m a kind of girl who loves to wear shirt. It makes me comfortable pairing it with jeans and my fave black Chuck Taylor.


Everytime I watched concerts, I always see to it that I bought one of the band merch shirts. When I saw Incubus’ Trust Fall Tour last March, I went to the venue and found out that one of the shirts that I like doesn’t have my size (small), so I chose other shirt from the merch store.

For me, it’s not a collection but it’s part of my blogging life.

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